Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"The Beloved fees..."

Today I made a call to have a late fee removed from a bill I've been paying perfectly since 2006. 

"No....we never waive fees. You pay late. You get a fee.  Too bad."
"Did you just say 'too bad' to me?"
"Can I have a supervisor?" I wasn't giving up.
"Yes but the supervisor will tell you the same thing...."

I didn't think so but you can't tell that to people who think they have more power then they do.  And phone people do have power.  Your goal is not to belittle them but to let them think that you belive they are of a higher power.

The supervisor comes on and says, "No, we can't remove late fees."

I want to say "Who is we?" but I don't....

Getting more and more ambitious to find someone anyone to remove the $23 fee for paying a $400 car payment 2 days late, wasting an hour of my mental and physical time (worth way more than $23.)

My husband, sitting across from me doesn't flinch, "Laurie...just give up.  Just pay it."

"NO!" I respond like a drug addict trying to clinch that next fix, "I will win."

In the end, I did win.  I got the fee waived.  But did I win?  I wasted three people's time at a company who's employees all should have been doing something else on their job description.  Instead, they went to battle with me and ended up crediting my account anyway.

My advice to you, my loyal readers,....if you don't think you should pay for something and your point is reasonable, and you have eight hours with nothing to do, fight for what you think you deserve.   Everyone is busy, has lives, and makes mistakes?  If you can find that person in a company, a person with compassion, a person with a brain, a person who understands humans sometimes forget....you will win. 

It's exhausting...but you will win.

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