Monday, April 11, 2011

The Upside of Death

Two men under 51 died two days apart. Separate incidents, their wives did not know each other.

I knew the first man, other friends knew the second.

Friends who were consoling me, two days later, I had to console them.

That week I was in a walking coma. This is life. We get one. Breathe. Live. Breathe. Laugh.

It was a sad, dreadful time...but if you think about it....when I look back at that week, I feel so happy and content.

That week my life stopped. I cancelled appointments, cancelled activities and stuff that wasn't as important as sitting with my friends and family. My house was a total mess but my kids had my full attention as we played games, read, talked, hugged, sat and prayed.

In the end...that yucky, horrid week was the most connected I've felt to my husband, kids and friends in a long, long time. See what death does to us if we open our minds?

That was wonderful week. I miss my friend. I'll see him soon. Uh....hopefully not too soon.

Monday, April 04, 2011

The Bad Sports Mom

Even though I'm a girl, I like sports. I like my kids to play sports. But not when it's 42 degrees and raining so hard and long kids (shaking from the cold) can't see the ball or other players they keep crashing into.

Sports-lover OUT….loving Mamma IN.

My son had two lacrosse games back to back in sleeting freezing sideways wind and rain. Every inch of his body, clothing, socks and shoes were wet like someone threw him into a river. He was shivering so bad it looked as if he was going through a seizure. Fifteen minutes into the second game….

Coach said, "Suck it up..."

Dad said, "Be a man...."

Mom said, "Get your butt home...."

I won't tell you who one this battle but I will tell you when a woman is involved (let me repeat...when a Mom is in involved) in a battle over whether her child will be put into danger, bodily harm, or sickness, move over. Mom becomes a bear and won't settle down till she gets her way for her child.

My large tween baby came home in tears to my warm hugs and soft heart. Reminding him....all is fair in love and sports....unless he needs a rational supporter, in which case, I will always battle to protect him. (Better do it now, only have a few more years before he'll avoid my embarrassing hugs.)

Yes, they won their game....but five of the boys missed three days of school or more.  Was it worth it?

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hot Sexy New Boobs!

Need a boob job?  Need a laugh?

A Happy Ending...

The worst part about life? It ends. If not for you...then for someone else you're gonna miss horribly.

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Todd, 51, dad of 2 little kids and husband to a great wife, had a heart attack and died. No warning. No I love you's. No "did you remember to pay that life insurance bill?" Nope. None. Just hanging with the family one day...gone the next.

Last week another friend called sad that her 98 year old Grandfather passed away. While I feel bad when anyone has to say good-bye to someone they love, I also wondered why my friend couldn’t see how lucky and blessed she was that she got to have Grandpa in her life so long?

And really, how long do we expect a person to live anyway? I'm in shock every New Years when I realize another year has past and if I live to be 100 I now only have 63 more New Years left. Then I reduce 100 to 80 and then I only have 43 more left. It may be morbid to you, but to me, it's a reality check to remind me to get off my butt, take chances and not let the silly crap bog me down.

Do I expect to live to 150? No. Do I want to? The idea is horrifying; all my friends would already be gone and I'd have to endure all those funerals as I literally fall apart. (That's me being selfish.)

But when I think about my friend’s Grandfather, I’m still blown away how lucky is. She got to experience soooo many wonderful memories with him that she wouldn't have had if he had died when he was.....hmm…say, 51 like my friend Todd.

Bottom line: Go! Do! live! Appreciate those you love and tell them you love them. Over and over. Cause tomorrow you (or they) may be gone. And yeah,'ll be sure to tell them when you see them later in heaven, but in that case, why not start now?