Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"A Cup of Coffee Idea..."

This very morning I drank coffee from a cup that had writing on the inside of the cup.

It read "Buckingham Palace." 

Each and every time I raised the cup to drink, I'd read this over and over.  Each time my mind went to The Queen, her adorable single grandsons and how my friend (the cup owner) once used to live there.  

What a cool way to advertise.  And what a subtle, cool way to subliminally tell guests what you want them to think.

I'm already mentally designing cups for my house!   The cup's inside-writing would read something like:  "Do not look too closely at the floor..."  Or "Your host, Laurie, is so hot."  Or  "Yes, she has a lot of kids but all houses are loud and have various piles of clothing, food and paper scattered about."

Okay, that last one may be too long to hand-write onto the inside rim of a cup but....I'm gonna try!

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