Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Which Wine Trinket?

What is the point of the colored wine things you put on your glass to make sure you remember which glass is yours?
After ½ glass, I’m lucky if I can see the trinket, yet alone recognize what color it is AND remember what color I had when I started.

I say they make ones that are ‘shocking;’ like a small penis, a hand with the middle finger exposed, or a metal sculpture of two gay pigs.  One look and not only will you remember it that night, you may even remember it for weeks, months, even years to come of that night you drank from a glass that held a small trinket of a big hairy uncut metal toe. 

Then again, I’d have such a good time laughing and looking at all the weird trinkets, I’d probably still forget when disgusting trinket was on my glass.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

It's Closed?

The conversation went like this….

“Who wants to go to Diary Queen?”

There were shouts and screams of glee, followed by the voice of my friend's kid who said, “Oooohhhhhh, I hope it’s not closed!”

Hmmm….closed? Why would he say that? It’s sunny, 2pm, why would he think it would be closed? Then it hit me! He said that because his brilliant Mom says that to him when she doesn’t want to take him to ice cream!”  It's closed!

She's a liar! 


Liar to children!

I couldn’t stop laughing.

The kids all got quiet as they worried that Mom, aka 'trusty safe driver,' was going to choke on her own spit.

And I thought I was the only one that lied to my kids when I was broke or tired…!   At least I waited till it was dark, this Mom convincingly does it during the day!

Absolutely hilarious. (Love that Mom by the way.)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Win a Dream Home?

I'm not a Vegas girl.  Why?  I don't like to lose.  In fact, the only real betting I do is hitting the snooze alarm each morning.  In Vegas, I'll sit at the nickel slots, pretending to play till I see the cocktail waitress come by with free drinks to those betting.

That said, if the money I spent gambing didn't go to the fat-head casino owners, but instead went to some family in need, I'd bet with pride!

Today, I found that fun-worthwhile gamble.  $150 a ticket and I got a chance (one, single chance) to win a 7,300 square foot, 1.8 million dollar house!  All the proceeds go to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of San Diego.  So regardless if I win or not, someone else gets my money that needs it.

But wouldn't it be cool to win?  Tee-hee.  It's their 7th annual!  Let me know if you get the house - I want to visit!   http://www.sdraffle.com/

Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Screw-up of San Francisco

Really? Who's idea was it to put a major city on top of a massive hill?

Like most mountain roads builders built them with safety in mind. They go side to side like you do when you ski a mountain.

Not San Fran! Whoever designed that city said, "Nope! Our people are face adversity! Our roads will go straight up and straight down!"

Later as global warming set in, someone must have said, "Let's just hope it never snows here."

Who Stole My Time?

Five minutes ago it was 9am, now it's 1pm!

When I was a kid in school, I'd stare at that big white time counter, watching the second hand click and click, using my brain, my magic power from watching "Bewitched" to make that black pointer click faster, just a bit faster...so I could be free!!!!

Never worked.  The day dragged on.  Slow and painful.

Now, today and every day.....I wish that clock back in my life.