Monday, April 19, 2010

"Trading at Lunch..."

If there is one job I loathe in the morning, it's making lunches.  Cause all three of my kids like different things: one has to have NO crusts, one has to have only lunch meat in rolls, one has to have everything I give her cut into bite size portions.  It's just too much for my brain at 7am.

I try to start the night before...but I have to leave the sandwich (main) part for the morning...and it's enough to send me over the loony edge.

I know I read about Moms and how they "make lunches with love" and then put in a napkin with crayon on it saying "I (heart) U."  They are supermoms.  I am not.

Recently I started giving my kids those mini-carrot packets (refusing requests from the bite-size-kid to have me cut them) as well I'd put in a small candy treat (why not, right?)

Later I was shocked to hear my son say, "Thanks Mom, that candy is great to trade."


"Yeah, trading is so cool....I can leverage what I want with the cool candy you give me."

Did my kid really say leverage?  "Really? What do you get when you trade?"  I asked unsure how I felt about him trading my hard work, my hard 7am struggles, for some random food another mom nicely packed for her kid?

My oldest answered excitedly, "Well if I trade the bottle caps or the sours, I can get a whole apple or a bag of chips...."

Then I thought about it.  He's trading for an apple?  An apple?  That's a wise trade.  Trading for what he wants and considers valuable.  Hmm...  What a cool idea.  Maybe "apple mom" wouldn't like it, but here is my child at school learning how to 'work,' trading like you do in the real world.  Okay, it's a lesson and he's learning.

"Ever do a bad trade?"

My son says, "Yeah, one time this bag of chips I traded for had like nothing in it.  It wasn't the kid's fault.  The people that make those chips are CHEAP."

I smiled.  Okay, he's ten and he's learning a lesson at lunch they don't really ever teach in school.

Well done.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only Mom who feels she's going looney making lunches...and hoping she doesn't get scolded when the kids get home cuz she did something wrong! (Lori Kravets-Alvarez)