Monday, April 12, 2010

"When I Am Old..."

Have you ever promised yourself that when YOU get old you will never, ever, ever be like that little annoying old old lady who yells at everyone, even strangers?  That's my mother-in-law.  She leaves tomorrow.

My husband called me on my comedy tour frustrated, "My mom and Roc have been fighting all weekend!"

"She is 83, he is 3.  What could they possibly be fighting about?" I said laughing to myself thinking, "Good for him, at three standing his ground."

Then again, it's crabby-bitter-I-hate-the-world-everyone-else-is-always-wrong lady vs a kid not old enough to complete a sentence. 

But I felt his pain and said, "I'm so sorry."

I'll say it here:  If I make it till I am 65, 70 or even 80, I promise to still be smiling and happy and never be a crab. 

If I am, you have permission to shoot me.

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