Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"Vacation Highlight"

We're in Vegas, where fun is big and never-ending, even for kids.  I spent hours and hours researching places to visit for an article; "The Best Things To Do In Vegas For Kids."  

From the second we walked into our hotel, all my kids wanted to do was, "Can we go back to the hotel and play in the hallway?"

Every day they couldn't wait to go 'home' to the hotel.  Not to swim, not to rest, but to run, jump and roll on the crazy patterned perfectly flat plush carpet in the long wide hallway that seemed to exist forever. 

Talking to Dad (who had to work at home) they didn't mention Gregory Popovich's Animal Show, the MGM's New Baby Tigers or even the Gold Coasts' Live Shark Tank they got to tunnel through.  Nope.  It was all about the hotel hallway.

I couldn't even negotiate or threaten, "If you don't behave we won't go to Circus-Circus Adventuredome!"

They didn't care.  Their response, "Yea!  Let's go home!"

Next trip, my six year old suggested I write about 'Big Hallways.'


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