Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Unfaithful....the Ultimate Betrayal?"

I was tired...but when I saw that title, I was captured.  At 11pm with the husband out of town, I just had to stay up and watch.

Oddly it was the women that were cheating!  (Nothing to do with today's front page headlines)

They showcased 2 couples: One, a chinese girl with a chinese husband got pregnant from her black boyfriend....he walked out thirty seconds after the baby was born.  Both girls said they cheated because they felt 'lonely' in their marriage.

Then their therapists came on and said what we all know, "Marriage takes work.  You chose the person you want to be married to, so why not....make it work." 

Both couples stayed together.  'Black baby' ended up being put up for adoption as the chinese husband couldn't handle seeing his betrayal on a daily basis.  What a great choice for their marriage!  That new mom showed love and compassion for a husband she betrayed so much she gave up a child.

At 11:45pm, I was wide-eyed and shouting at the TV.  YES!  Great women!  Great choices!

Then I thought, why do couples have to go through a huge mental disaster or hurtful betrayal to get closer?  Why not just do it now? 

I was on the phone to my husand this morning, full of ideas to inspire our 12 year marriage.  I think it's 12 years...  

Either way, he's the only one I want and if we're going to be together forever, why not work hard to have the best marriage we could ever possibly have?

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