Friday, April 30, 2010

"Meet My New Trainer..."

Summer is coming.  Time to pick my butt up from laying on my thighs and start working out again. 
But how do I get motivated...

I was going to get a trainer....but I can't afford one.

I was going to get a work-out buddy...but everyone I asked said they were too lazy, too tired or too defeated.

I was going to get a walking partner...but then I'd have to strap my three year old into a stroller and hear him complain that he's tired, hungry or bored (everything I would be) the whole time.

Then I was walking by a coffee place and this book shouted at me to come look at it.   I was smitten.  Each and every page is filled with descriptive, detailed photos and inspiring information that a trainer would be saying (if they talked that much). 

But....I found my trainer!   Every day I carry him ( I call him "Bob") with me to the gym.  I set "Bob" down for my twenty minutes of cardio.  Then I open him to the page of the body part/s I want to work on....and I do whatever he tells me to do. 

Downside:  I have to read (sometimes upside down or sideways). 
Upside:      Someone elese is telling me what to do! 

Most people carry magazines into the gym.  I carry "Bob."  Yes, I may look like a goon to some, but "Bob" gives me a way better work out than I could ever give myself.   And it's working.  I'm already 'happy-sore' and feeling better.

So if you're like me, ready to battle back to the bikini on your own, "Bob" is waiting for you!  Or look for the lady carrying a book and we'll do "Bob" together.

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