Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Went to a mall for the first time since my boobs have nestled into their inverted negative A.  Cause I haven't bought a new anything since 1997.

Each time I walked into a ‘girly’ store the “Noooooo” chorus coming from my three kids (finally doing something they all can agree on) was so out of control even store employees raised their eyebrows....silently suggesting that I leave.

Now I'm doing the catalog thing.  Which is really brain consuming.  I love the day the package arrives, that's fun.  It's the opening it and trying it all on and then convincing myself that I look good in vomit grey just so I don't have to spend more time and money packing up the ugly item and shipping it back.  Then I've got to remember I shipped it back.  Then I've got to remember to check that I received credit. 


Maybe I'll just take the kids to back to the mall...chained to the stroller, blindfolded, with tape on their mouths. 

That'll be fun.

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