Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Cub Scouts are hard!"

Cub Scouts?  Complicated and confusing…I’ve been behind since my 9 year old started two years ago. 

He’s crying weekly cause, “YOU’RE the only mom who doesn’t know what’s going on!!!”
I’m like, “you spend 2 hours at these meetings – how come YOU don’t know either?”

It’s sooo confusing and they explain nothing to the parents.  Or send books of emails that overwhelm me so I just delete them hoping someone will just tell me what's up.  Then I hear, “Well you have to read the handbook…”

Whare?  Where?  When?!?   I have three kids, a remodel and a husband that has to work 80 hours a day. If I'm going to read anything it will be my People magazine, I'm backed up since October of '07. And why do “I” have to read it???  My son is in the group, not me.  He should read it!

That's why sports are good.  NO reading for Mom, just watch-out for fly balls and cheer when everyone else does!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"The Happy Day"

The other day Ty was sad from some mean kids and school and you overheard us…and Meg said, “NO! Ty can’t be sad….Today is happy Day!” I said, “he’s sad about something from school.” Meg said, “He CAN’T be sad today, today is happy day!” Meg was adamant and silent for 2 seconds before she said, “My teacher said so!” Then a pause and then, “It was ON the calendar!”