Sunday, October 12, 2008

Building a house is hard. Building a house with 3 kids in tow is even harder. Ty wants to throw dirt on anything that looks nice, Meg wants to do gymnastics on all the hanging beams, and Roc wants to eat nails. He is forced to throw back the ones he collect each trip and screams the whole way to the car, forcing me to ask, "What am I doing?"
But unlike most moms, I'm the mom that says, 'Shop at Costco with the 3 of my kids? Sure. I can do anything." Then half way through our costco trip, I'm ready to lose my mind. Specially when I only need three things but must stroll through the whole store so we can stop at every sample station (four times) where the working ladies think I must not feed my children and come to costco for the complimentary food. (There is some thruth to that; why go at 10am when the samples aren't set up yet, when we can go later at snack for free?)
Dinners and lunches and snacks are whatever is on hand. Like last week I think my kids ate pretzels and apples dipped in peanut butter (they'll eat anything if they can 'dip' it) for lunch and dinner. My friend Silvia mentioned to my son, Ty, that her kids get pancakes, egg sandwiches and french toast for breakfast on school days, feeling guilty when she must give her kids cereal on days they are rushed. That's all my kids get for breakfast, cereal. And sometimes there's a comment and a loathy sigh, "Wonder what Silvia is feeding her kids this morning?" To which I ingore the comment and then it's followed by a "Don't you feel guilty mom?" Then I laugh and have to tackle him, reminding him that at least he's getting fed.
Course I do think of Silvia and wonder how I can fit driving my her house in my morning routine to see if she can feed us all.

Monday, September 29, 2008

HOUSE: This is a photo of the gound we are moving around to make a house. This is also a photo of what has taken over my mental statability of being a normal Mom/chick with three kids.
Currently we (2 adults, 3 kids and a cat we don't see till the sun goes down) live in 650 square feet. My husband, Brad, calls it "camping." I call it, "least I don't have to clean a window, scrub a floor, or fix a door." (not like I did that when we OWNED a house before.)
We should be moving into the dirt and wood by March 2009. Hopefully I'll still be alive by then.
This is the face of a kid 5 minutes before she is to perform on stage in front of other parents and kids there to only watch their offspring, 20 minutes after a crying fit and 20.5 minutes before I told her she had to wear her hair in that goofy pink thing.

Don't know the guy. he's shocked and then yelled at me that I wasn't to be back 'here' cause he wants to charge me 80$ for a photo I cannot afford.

That was a fun 3 hours.
When I was 10 I'd look at the clock and watch the clock slowly tick and tick.
Today I wake up at 7 and look at the clock and it's 6pm.
Where the hell does the day go?