Monday, April 19, 2010

"Why I Hate American Airlines"

Has American Airlines taken all your miles?

Back when I had a traveling comedy career, I flew American Airlines all the time.  My mileage grew to over 200K miles!  Then after I had my third kid and stopped flying as much, American Airlines decided to take all my miles....without telling me. 

Yes.  Shocking?  

I went to redeem my miles for a free flight and can you believe an AA lady told me, "Sorry, all your miles were lost."

"What?  Can't we find them?"

"Yes, the account went into inactivity and all your miles are gone."

"So they aren't stole them."

She was rude, "We didn't steal them.  It's a mileage program for frequent fliers.  You aren't one anymore."

"But I was....and may be again.  And I guess you don't care."

No.  She didn't care and that...well.....hurt.

Turns out, they don't have to tell you they took your miles cause it's a frequent flier program and if you don't frequent fly, they can do what they want to the years of loyalty and patronage you gave to just them.

My son's miles disappeared and so did my husband's.  To get them back we all got a credit card with an annual fee of $85 which they charge to you a full month before you even get your card.  Not my 10 year old, he's just screwed. 

So what airline do I fly to comedy shows now?  Whoever is cheapest darling. 

As far as the mileage programs airlines love to brag about?   They are liers.  We are cashing out.  Remaining loyal to the airline offering.... the cheapest ticket. 

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