Sunday, September 03, 2006

What is wrong with people?! We had a family fun party and no one rsvped. Don't they know they are part of an exclusive list of friends we have that....I guess....are too lazy to pick up the phone. Some did rsvp and that was even worse...."We can't make it, we're eating leftovers from last night." One lady called and told me they were going out of town on Monday for the night and her hasband had to clean the garage and they wouldn't be coming.

A couple other people called and said, they already had 2-3 "other parties that same day!" Wow, aren't we popular?? Guess that means our party is so low on the list, they could do 3 other parties but ours - nah.

I don't get it.

You get invited to a party, you go. If you can't go, give a real excuse, even if you have to make one up or die to get out of it.

Reasons why one should always go to a party:
1) Free food
2) Free booze
3) Live entertainment - even if it's a cheeto you see hanging onto someone's upper lip that just won't let go.
4) So you won't be sitting on the couch 10 years from now asking, "Why don't I have any one invites us to anything."
5) You may meet some cool people you didn't know existed.
6) So when you have a party you won't have to worry about others blowing it off too.
Everyone says I need to blog. I'm doing it. It's very uneventful.