Saturday, April 10, 2010

"The Little Voice"

The only reason I take a three-day road gig once in awhile (corporate or comedy club) is because Mom needs a break being funny for adults. 

It's only hours after being alone in silence that I relax and begin to hear a strange little voice. 

"What's that?" I ask confused. 

"Yes.  That little voice is ME....talking to ME." 

Mom life is so crazy busy and so constanly full of busy noise that I can't hear (or let alone even try to hear) my own inner voice, my calm voice, my sane barometer of who the heck I really am.


Course after three days of back to back comedy shows, my sanity is tested in different ways and I can't wait to go home to those little (and big) voices 'outside' my head.  Voices that come with hugs and cuddles and the promise of future annoyance.   

But I wouldn't change a thing.  Ever.

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