Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"The Theif Witness"

My littlest and I were walking into the grocery store, Vons, when a man and a woman ran past.  It looked like the man was trying to casually grab the woman's arm and I was compelled to watch.

What happened next made me freeze and my son burst into tears. The man grabbed the woman and threw her against the wall near the shopping carts.  She screamed, "Help!"   He yelled, "Call 911!"

Hmmm?  I couldn't tell what was going on till he flipped her to the ground and tried to handcuff her.

By then I already called the local city police ("the wrong city" I discovered when the police operator told me, then advised me to hang up and dial the right city.  What???  Aren't all police stations in connection???)

Bottom line that lady stole baby formula - 5 cans shoved into her mammoth purse.

Say it with me, "Aw..."

But she didn't steal it for her, she stole it to resell!   (Wow. That's pretty smart. and I guess in these hard times, people are getting creative.)

I only know this because the guy that bagged my groceries told me that this lady was caught at this same store, doing the same thing only 4 weeks earlier.   (now that's stupid).

Did you know stores hire guys to walk the isles pretending to shop?  One even had a hand-held mirror that he held up to see what was going on behind him!

Best part for me was telling my three year old who begged for candy trying to hide it under his shirt, "If you take that candy, that man will chase you and do what he just did to that lady.'

He put the candy back and is now telling everyone he knows how to you shouldn't take things from stores.

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