Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"She Fell"

My 83 year old Mother-in-law came in today from Philadelphia for two weeks.  My husband didn't give her a tour of our new house and it was dark.  Minutes after he left for a meeting, I walked into the hall and saw her sprawled out like a pretzel yelling at me, "I'm fine...don't touch me!  I can get up!" 

Yet there she was, I'm sure, for a good 10 minutes till I came along. 

I tried to help her but she is tall and I'm too little and wobbly myself to properly risk helping her. 

So after another 10 minutes of helplessly watching, offering lame limb assistance and holding in my laughter...I called my husband, "Your mom fell and can't get up"  (I felt like I was in that commercial, only I was muffling my laughter so long I couldn't breathe.) 

Course she continued to scream at me, "I'm fine!  I can get up!  Don't call him and make him come home to help me!"

Brad raced home, ran in, helped her up and left again. 

She was thankful to him but didn't say "Boo" to me, the real rescuer.

Now I'm on m-i-l 'step' watch patrol.

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