Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"MiniVans Are For Smart People"

“Where’s your car?”

“Right there,” I pointed to my tan 7 passenger car.

There was a pause as my ‘hip’ writer friend ingested what she did not know; "You drive a minivan?  But you are a comic and you are so....cool.  Why are you driving a minivan?"

I know some girls (Moms) think a minivan makes them look....what....ah....mom-ish? 

While some moms care about their image and want the world to see them as 'cool, interesting and fabulous,' I do not.

Have you learned anything about me, yet?  I don't care what others think.  My life is all about comfort and ease.  And when my life is easy, I'm happy.  And when Mom is happy...everyone is happy.

One Mom actually said to me, “I look horrible in a minivan.” Truth be told, she looks horrible out of one too.  It's a car.  It's to drive.  Why would you care what you look like IN it?

The minivan bonuses I love; Good gas mileage, spacious leg room and a DVD player that comes with two fancy headsets so that Mom won’t go crazy listening to Barney just one more time.  AND 18 cup holders.  (Which no one uses except to hide various cars, candy or bugs. I use one back cup holder as a dirty diaper container. Cause when I forget to throw it away, I immediately know where the smell is coming from!)

My favorite minivan experience was escaping a ticket. I’m with my kids so often I forget when I'm alone. One time I drove solo in the car pool lane.  A motorcycle cop clearly saw me and shook his head as if he understood my life in a single second; no one buys a minivan unless they have kids, and if you have kids, you need a break.  He smiled, waved and drove off!  Looking ‘uncool’ does have benefits.

My minivan has made my life so much easier.  I’m able to enjoy it so much more. And that alone makes me cool.  Inside and out!

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