Monday, March 08, 2010

“The House Reader”

She was shy.

Not a self-promoter, she was quiet.

Yet, I was drawn to her, compelled to make conversation, soon realizing I was talking to a gifted genius.

Enter Mary Beth Strait. An amazing woman full of insight and knowledge to a world few of us are or will be able to see. Secretly known to a few select realtors as their “lucky charm,” Mary Beth Strait goes beyond basic home staging and offers personal house readings and space clearings to help enable people to live their best life.

To Mary Beth, being able to living your best life comes from the energy in your home. She has successfully helped troubled couples fix and recognize how their own home is hurting their relationship. In the case of children, one mom had been taking her child to a therapist but Mary Beth uncovered the real problem in a single visit to their home. She has also staged un-moving homes into sold within days.

Happily married with a child of her own, Mary Beth was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Visalia, CA and is the first person to admit that what she does can seem kind of wacky. But true testimony comes from her clients’ affirmations, whose mouths drop as Mary Beth guides and instructs them through what she sees in their home.

After over 400 consultations, Mary Beth can, within seconds, intuitively feel the energy of a home, even when it is empty. Keeping her readings practical, she will only share or go as deep as clients want her to go.

Every consultation is different and her stories of success are endless involving: Marriage, jobs, kids, pregnancy and house sales, leaving some realtors after working with her to have their most profitable month ever.

Think it’s all hoggy washy? So did I. Till I invited Mary Beth to do a reading at my home; Humble, careful, thoughtful and aware, she walked through my house as if she’d known my husband and I all our lives. Her suggestions blew me away and my jar dropped several times. I am now her biggest fan.

Still skeptical? Try her. Then email me about your jaw pain from hitting the floor. Just to note…when the TV world finds her, her price will go up big time. Get her now. or

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