Saturday, March 27, 2010


It was yesterday that I found out Sandra Bullocks hubby cheated.  (I have three kids and a husband, news gets to me slowly)

I felt sick for her and Tigers wife and John Edwards wife.  I can't imagine.  How do you go on?  Do you accept a groveling, on-the-knees apology, or do you make them pay in other ways?  Revenge?  Physical pain?  Death?  How long do you wait to take them back if you are to take them back?  How do you ever even begin to trust them again?   Then do you ask for a future date 'hall pass"?

My husband and I were sitting on the couch facing each other one night talking about Tiger and that because he is so rich he feels entitled to do whatever he wants.  I then asked, "If we were that rich, would you cheat on me?"  There was this


He said, "What?  I have to think about what I would do!"

The proper answer when anyone asks you if you'd cheat or not is, "Heck no!  NEVER!"

If you've seen my comedy act, you know how I really feel about cheating. 

If you haven't seen me...where have you been?

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