Thursday, March 18, 2010

"The Baseball Picture"

Yesterday my ten year old's amazingly ethical, conscientious baseball coach showed his team a photo from our local newspaper of an older kid pitching the perfect pitch. The coach held the folded in half page in his hand as he slowly passed it in front of all the boys’ eyes.

Unfortunately the coach failed to notice what was on the folded-over side. The side the boys eyes saw as the photo passed by. One read it out loud, "Local Doctors Restore Man's S** Life."

The giggles started, even jokes that this was the lesson they were really to learn about today.

The coach was embarrassed and to the parents that witnessed this innocent mishap, he couldn't stop apologizing.

As a comic....I couldn't stop laughing.

When life throws you these funny moments, stop judging, just open your heart and laugh. (You'll live longer.)

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