Thursday, May 26, 2011

Costco with Two Monsters

Recently I went to Costco with my youngest and his buddy with the promise, ‘I need two things.  If we’re out in ten minutes, we’ll go to McDonalds for ice cream.”  Sounded good, right?

I should have taken bets…I’d have made serious cash. The boys ran, hid and even disappeared behind boxes and shelves I didn’t even notice were there. Every time I asked them to walk with me, stop touching products or stop staring at strangers, they either laughed or ignored me running the other way. I wanted to strangle my child but knew that would scare his friend into never coming over again (not like that’s a bad thing). In the end I asked a big guy employee with a walkie-talkie to pretend to arrest the kids.

He laughed and walked up to the children still hiding behind a box and in a deep authoritative voice said, “Stay with mom or I’ll have to arrest you and take you to jail!”

The boys immediately ran over to me. The friend didn’t leave my side, asking questions like, “What does arrested mean? Where is jail? What is jail like?”

Great…I can see the conversation at his house over dinner…. ”Well son, what did you learn today?”

I answered the boys' questions and reminded him he could come over any time but we’d have to wait they both boys learned to listen.

It’s now been three weeks…........still haven’t heard from his mom.  (not like that's a bad thing either.)

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