Sunday, May 15, 2011

When Mommy is Sick

I'm on crutches, standing in the doorway talking to my dear friend, Gloria, when my six year old walks up to me with her swimming towel and says, "Mommy, can you hold this?"  followed quickly by, "I'm hungry!  can you get me something to eat?"

I looked down at the girl people have called, my "mini-me" and wondered why she didn't notice my hands were already full, holding handles that allow me to carry my body on two silver sticks. 

For almost 2 weeks I fought this weird infection on my leg.  Staph infection they determined.  Big.  Red.  Nasty. What comes along with Mr. Staff Nasty is fever and pain.  Nice, huh?  I, the mom that never gets sick, was ordered by a couple of doctors to SIT and let others do things for me so the swelling will go down!  Ha!  "Others?"  Did they think I lived in a group home?  I wanted to laugh!  Actually, I think I did.

That first week I was up and down, on and off the couch, giving directions, helping kids, helping my find things, fix things, make things.  As I'm limping in pain over to 'help' my daughter find the tape, she stands starring at me as if she's angry that I'm taking too long. 

The swelling and pain grew so much that one doctor threatened to admit me to the hospital.  YEAH!  But I knew I had one other (better) option.  

The next day, I called the one person that could help savior, my superman.  Superwoman.  I called my Mom.  She understood.  She'd had a husband (he died) and she'd been sick.  She knew exactly how I felt and what I needed!

Even the very thought of calling her caused me to burst into tears.  I could barely speak to make my desperate plea, "Mom, I need you...."   And that was it.  My mom was at my side as soon as she could get a flight.

Since then, things have calmed; my kids are happy, my husband is happy (but still can't find things in his own home, but he's happy), and I'm happy.  No.  I'm blessed.  I've been able to do as the doctors said and do it with love and support all around me.  (which some say, makes healing happen even faster!)

I know Mother's Day is long gone, but your mom, if living, isn't.  Thank her often.


Colleen Kersting said...

Amen, sister!

Colleen Kersting said...

Amen, sister!!!!

Laurie McDermott -The CEO of the House said...

Thanks for commenting col!!!