Monday, May 09, 2011

The Puppy-Sitter

It was early morning on Mother's Day and my sister-in-law, Amy, was doing a good deed. Babysitting the neighbor's 6-week old Golden Retriever, in his cage for the night, till my young niece and nephews took him out to play....


Amy ran to the frightened scream to see the tail end of her black thong panties being swallowed by the tiny puppy, "Nooo!"

In an instant, the panties were gone inside the barrel of the dogs' tummy. The family knew they had to get the dog to the vet or risk having to tell their newly divorced neighbor, who purchased the puppy to ease stress on her kids, that puppy was heaven-bound.

Amy grabbed the dog and ran to her car. It wouldn't start!

(This was when, rude as it may seem, I started to laugh.)

It wasn't even 10am on Mother's Day and poor Amy was battling fires she didn't even cause.

(I continued to muffle my laugh as she continued her story...)

Her husband yelled and protested as Amy then climbed into his immaculate, no-dogs-or-children-allowed-car, to transport the underwear infested puppy to the Vet.

Thankfully, the undies were still in the dog's tummy and inducing vomit produced the underwear, his Dorito breakfast and a $385 fee for their trouble.

Days later Amy wondered out loud if she should have let the dog try and digesting the thong, but is still happy she did what she did.

As am I love stories like that!

But if they ever watch another dog again, it will not be on Mother's Day and will not be left unattended with children And her dirty clothes...they will forever make it into the hamper...with a new lid.

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