Monday, June 06, 2011

A Moms Love...

I've had a staph infection on my thigh for almost six weeks. At first it was annoying, then it was painful, and then I couldn't walk....

What was inconvenient for my kids, soon became inconvenient for my husband.

After two weeks, I was desperate and called the only person I knew could help. Superman? Um...close. I called my mom.

Within a day of my call, she flew 3,000 miles to come to my rescue and save my world. She took the kids were they needed to go, she cooked, she cleaned, she fed my family, but most importantly, she gave me the love (I so needed) that only moms know how to give.

Beyond comforted, I knew my mom, with unconditional love and my best interest in mind, was here to help and I could relax and heal. And while it took a long time to get better, I couldn't help think about what I'd have done if my mom wasn't alive anymore.

I guess I'd suck it up? Be brave? Hire help? It was a mushy, teary night of reality as I thought about dear friends who have already lost their mom, even calling two of them to say, barely audible, that if they ever got sick, or needed me, I'd be there for them. Of course, I could never be their mom, but I could do my best to make them feel loved.

Make a note of those buddies you have who may not have their mom. If the time ever comes, make them joyful that at least they have YOU.

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