Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's JUST Flag Football People!

Rarely do I repeat other's words (cause no one’s funnier) but today, I laughed so hard I almost peed.

My oldest plays flag football. Clueless on the game, I just love watching my son run around. It's fun, but the parents around me are insane. It's a problem in all sports, but what do you do? Me? Laugh at the goofy parents.

Well today, an email came down to all players from the City that runs the program and I had to share. Because anyone who's ever played sports or had a child play sports, is going to either laugh or cry.

In the subject; "It's Just Flag Football People!"
The letter starts off....

So this weekend -

1. One Coach challenges another Coach to fight, and calls a Mom a (female dog).

2. One Coach walks on to the field during the game, curses at Refs, gets thrown out of game and refuses to leave the field.

3. One D4 kid (allegedly) repeatedly grabs kids by the neck.

4. One D2 kid (allegedly) throws a punch.

5. A bunch of D3 parents start screaming at every play or call against them, so much that the other team parents have to move.

6. An anonymous parent sends a nasty email to a D2 Coach insinuating the coach purposely "broke a kid's spirit and shattered his confidence" - when the other coach had no issues.

People - this is youth sports - not life or death! The league will react swiftly to this kind of behavior, and we can tell you Coaches will be suspended for life, and kids will be removed from the league for their actions.

We don't have the time, staff or quite frankly, the interest, in reviewing every piece of tape to see that specific "bad/missed" call! And it doesn't matter - you still need to act as a role model and not a raving lunatic.

Please people - check yourself. When 6 year-olds are looking at you like you're crazy... you are.

-The XXX City Board

YES! And depending on your level of parental sportsmanship, you may or may not be laughing but at this point, but all I can say is “AMEN!”

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