Thursday, February 04, 2010

"School Birthday"

As I walked into my youngest kids' classroom, I noticed all the little tables were covered in cute mini bowls of various candies and fruit and a smiling Mom ran around flipping pancakes and serving them onto teeny tiny plastes.  I'm sure my mouth dropped as I realized, this "Mom-Incredible" brought her own electric pan...from home...out of her cupboard...into her car, and drove it to the pre-school to make 22 three-year-olds gourmet pancakes.  

I dug back deep into my memory bank?  Did I ever go to such lengths to celebrate any of my kids birthday's.... at school...or hmmmm...even at home?  

This no-notice birthday celebration was better than those we get mailed invitations for...and we didn't have to bring a gift.

Looking over this Mom's spread of energy and care I had two thougths;
1) Am I jealous that I could try harder to be the SuperMom everyone else is?
2) Am I just so happy I have a kid in HER kids class?
Yes, you are right. 
#2....Martha Jr. I am not.   But I am insanely grateful to be included (or just there) when someone else goes the extra mile...or four.

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