Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Slum Mom"

It was a cold, rainy morning when a Mom at my youngest child's preschool looked me up and down before blurting, "Why do you dress like that?"

My eyes darted around the room.  Who was she talking to?  This Mom could be Ms Perfect; At 7:40am, she has brushed hair, pretty make-up, and matching clothes.  She continued to speak as I figured out it was me she was talking to.

"I see you go to the gym every day.  You work hard!  Show it off.  Like me!"  The attractive Mom did a leap and a pose all at once.  I and everyone in the preschool laid eyes on her fabulous tennis outfit.

I was starting to go into my explaination of why I wore extra long baggy shorts (with the words "laugh your a** off" printed on the butt), a t-shirt that hung below my oversized sweatshirt and a baseball cap, but before I could speak she was already gone.

Truth is, I like looking like crap when I go to the gym.  Who am I looking good for?  Me?  Hahaha. 
If I look good all the time, when I really try, it would be old hat.  If I look horrible all of the time, when I look good....even I pause at them mirror, "Who is that?"

The bigger truth, and Oprah and her best dressed people will hate me for saying this, but as long as there isn't spinach in my teeth or a bugger hanging out my nose, I don't really care what I look like....if I wasn't so modest I'd take a photo of what I look like now!  

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