Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Do you Buy a Sink Grate?

Just a sink thought: Everyone always said that I needed to buy one of those sink protectors in your new's like a giant metal grate. I think they call them Sink Grates. I didn't get one and every day i go to do the dishes I am so happy when the dishes are out and the sink is completely clean. When I've been to other homes and set something on that metal grate 'protecting' their sink, the whole thing just looks dirty and messy. Sure the sink below will be perfect in 10 years, but who wants to be cleaning and messing with that disgusting grate where food and gunk catches in it and your end up scrubbing the nooks and crannys in the GRATE to get IT clean. Yuck. I'm quite happy that I save my money and blew off those sink grates. My sink has scrates, but who cares, it's a sink for god's sake, it's supposed to look like a sink...and not like some silver platter I'm showing off. I live here.  By the way....the only thing I ever show off are my TEETH.  Cause I brush them and so love to smile.

Happy Tuesday...oh, today Wednesday?  Hmm

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