Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Best Birthday

I was poked awake and asked, "Happy Birthday.  Um, can we move your birthday celebration to next month?"

Seemed like a good idea since I didn't feel like celebrating or feel ready to accept I'm another year older.
That was fine.
Let's celebrate next month.

The few friends I called to invite for a celebratory bagel all had busy mornings and wanted to move my birthday celebration to a day when they were 'more free.'
That was fine.
We'll celebrate next month, too.

My Mom forgot to call.
That was fine.
When she calls and apologizes, I will tell my birthday has been moved and she should call then.

Feeling a bit sad but still happy God has allowed me to live without too many wrinkles, I sucked it up, and tried to make my own fun by just inviting some other 'Moms' to join me for a bagel (keeping the bday thing hush-hush).  

As the Moms and I walked into the bagel shop three other girls jumped up from a table and started singing "Happy Birthday."  I almost feel over.   These girls were new friends.  Kind, wonderful, happy friends that had been calling me for an hour telling me to meet them at the bagel place.  I almost cried...of happiness and sheer embarrassment.   (I love the attention of being onstage doing comedy.  But when it comes to my day to day life, I like to hide.) 

These new friends were so happy to help me celebrate, starting with a bagel that one of them tried to buy for me, but spoke loud enough that the bagel shop owner bought my bagel and sent me over another chocolate thingee just to be nice.  I almost cried again.  How incredibly nice of a stranger???

These "new" girls are so amazing, they make me want to be like them.  They believe in celebrating anything and doing it often...even right now.  I love that.  They even met me again later in the day with a cake and ice cream.   I almost cried again. 

I once heard a lady say, "I'm not going to that event...I already have way too many friends."

Never, ever feel that way.  Each and every friend is speical in their own relationship with you.  I am always open to meeting and making more friends.  Specially as the older I get, the quicker I recognize who the really good people are...and there are so many, you just need to find them.   And once you find them, tell them and don't let them go!

Thank you to all the "CEO" face book people and fans that sent me bday emails and cards to my home.  I adore you all.

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