Friday, January 22, 2010

Whose Kid is this?

I often wonder who's child is living in my house.  He looks like me, he looks like my husband but his behavior is so devient, I'm left wondering if there was a swap in the hospital.

In the past 24 hours...

Roc took a highlighter to new carpet, drawing a long line where the desk should go.

Roc took off all his clothes while buckled in his car seat with my kids and their friends went hysterical.

Roc dumped a full (brand new $21.99) bottle of Paul Mitchell hair spray on the pourch, then capped it perfectly and put it back.

Roc took the pregnant hampster out of her cage and put her on a table so he "could have both hands to get the other one."  Where was the one he left behind?  Roc looked left to right, "Oh...ummmm...I don't know...I lost her," he mumbled as he walked out of the room.

Roc keeps turning on my car lights causing my car to die.  Over the past three days, my car has died three times.  One time was in line at a funeral.  Another in line at school car pool.  The other time I had to have it towed to the shop where I was told, "Someone left a light on in the back."

Roc is now causing me money and rely on others for help moving my car, jumping my car, picking up stranded children, even children that aren't mine and buying new hair spray.

Did I mention Roc is three?

Hold on...I hear screaming ---


Anonymous said...

Love it! The old adage carries a lot of wisdom: "Children are nature's way of getting back at you for what you did to your parents."

Anonymous said...

You're a funny mom. Yesterday I saw a car with this bumper sticker:
Embarrassing my children
A full time occupation

Was that you???

Laurie McDermott -The CEO of the House said...

Yes, no bumper sticker needed in my obvious talents to I embarrass my children daily...and the husband.