Sunday, January 24, 2010

"The Baby Shower..."

The party of 28 women were to arrive at 11:30am.  The husband promised he'd be OUT of the house with all three children at 9...then 9:30...then 10....

At 10:10am the unshowered, still in sweat pants husband was sitting on the couch watching some sport thing, drinking coffee and reading the paper.  The three children, two of whom were still in jamies, were running around yanking out what I already put away.  Without nagging, yet continuing to clean, make food, prepare gifts and organize games for the BabyShower, I kindly kept reminding the husband it was past time for him to take the kiddies and leave...

10:20am the husband complained why I was having a baby shower on a sunday when sports are on....instead of.....when?  He never answered that.

10:25am the husband began to move his body and still unshowered got himself and our kids ready.
10:58am the husband was out the door with all three kids and I quickly began the mad dash to clean to get the house ready for guests.

11:25am:  As the guests began to arrive I wipe sweat from my forehead and opened my arms to a beautiful day of being at home and hanging, talking and communicating with girls I love without making a peanut butter sandwich, breaking up a fight about who called who 'stupid' or re-explaining why our planet is on an axis and spins without making us dizzy.

How was your day?  Did you get girl-time this weekend?

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