Monday, January 04, 2010

Stupid people...

My downfall in life is I hate stupid people.  Today I spoke to a lady about my account and that there was a seven dollar negative charge on my account.  I wanted to know why?  Her response, "You have 17,000 in your account."
"Yes, but why is there a negative 7 dollars...?"
She sighs, "I don't computer doesn't go back very far."

How do you think I should answer her? 
1) Oh, I'm sorry, let me see if I can get you new computers?
2) Oh well...I guess 17K is enough money to worry why you deducted me 7.
3) Hmmm.  I am your customer, I've been one for 12 years, just tell me, "I'm sorry this happened to you, let me figure out what is going on?"

I actually said #1 to which she responded, "Really?  We need new computers so bad....can you get Apple?"



Anonymous said...

Hating stupid people is not a downfall. Mocking them can be a virtue, especially if others find it funny. Did she give you your $7 back? Offer to buy you lunch? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

We all deal with idiots. Idiot people. Idiot companies. If you relived your experience -- now that you've thought about it -- what would you say or do differently? You will live it again. Guaranteed. We can use your help on what to say because it happens to everyone. Too often.