Friday, November 13, 2009

Cell Phone Stupid

My nine year old can play games, change tones and even text a joke to a pizza place in China.  He tells me, "Mom, read your manual!"  Read my manual?  Who has the time?  If my manual could make dinner for five, I'd read my manual.  If my manual could vacuum my home up and down, I'd read my manual.  If my phone could blow my husband....I'd buy five more phones.

In one month I ruined 3 new phones:  The first I dropped as I was shutting my car door.  I only noticed cause I couldn't find my phone, I got out of the car thinking I dropped it on the ground, but I found it  crushed in between the door and the car.  I had owed my new phone 5 hours.  The second I dropped into my cup holder forgetting the cupholder was already holding a full glass of 7up!  The third, I was chatting to the bank while doing dishes.  I dropped it into a blender filled with water.

T-mobile loves me!
I bought 2 phones that month. Then the guy at the phone store said, “If it every gets wet, open it all up, blow it air dry in all the crevices and let it dry for 2 days. THEN it will be fine.

After I dropped it into the sink I did that and my 3rd phone of the month worked!!!!

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