Sunday, January 18, 2009

I ran back to my car to get a pen, stepped out of my passenger door, shut it and stepped into an afternoon that left me helpless and embarrassed. I was at an audition for...something...and when I was done I went to my car, reached for my keys and they were gone. Retracing my steps I tried not to panic. That HAD to be somewhere. I checked the bathroom (where I peed and washed up) under the toilets, under the sink, on the ceiling, they weren't there.
Where were they???
Maybe they were in the audition room. UGH. As an actress you don't want the director/agents to know the chick they may want to hire is an idiot, but I asked anyway knowing I lost the chance for the job, therefore wasting my day even coming to this audition.
The husband was too busy to come get me and AAA said they'd take me home but it would cost me $200.
I hate losing things. I prayed to St. Anythony (cause that's what Cathlics do when they lose crap) but I was so mad that they were lost I couldn't concentrate.
Four hours later my husband met me at the local costco where the tow guy dropped me and my locked car off.
The next day I dropped my kids off at school walked in with my spare set of keys and went back out to the car to get my groceries.
The door was locked! That panic feeling took over and I started to feel that sick "I am retarded" feeling I had all day yesterday.
I sat on the couch and tried to pray to St. A again. "CONCENTRATE!" Half way between panic and hell I couldn't even hold a thought about anything except where are my keys.
I retraced my steps slowly and before I knew it tears came flowing and I was crying and laughing at the same time. I checked behind units, cabinets, the cat box, nothing.
"Cindy, I need her eyes!" I called my buddy to come help me get out of this mess and she arrived with calmness and patience. I hugged her and cried all over again, "It's just my keys!" I shouted angry at myself for being such a mess.
"You're building a house, you have three kids, this is a tough time, we'll find them..."
Just then I looked up at where my phone is and there they were. They slid between the phone cabinet at the vaccuum cleaner.
I sat down sick again, "They weren't there when I looked before."
There was something weird going on! How could my keys NOT be there and then be there later, when I was the only one home? Is St. Anthony messing with me?
Hmm... Least I got my keys back.

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