Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yesterday my car started shaking (my brand new 8 month old sienna, a $45,000 car) and all the lights on the dashboard started flashing like a blinking xmas tree. Took it in (after arguing with the guy who said he couldn’t see me till Monday but that I could rent a car from them) and they saw me right away and gave me a rental for free. A bit later they called to tell me that my car was infested with RATS. Yeah, rats. They built a home under my engine and ate all the padding out of the engine and about 30 wires. They said I was lucky the car didn’t start fire and kill me or us.
While I was on the phone with Toyota Roc was running and fell smashing his lip into a piece of his T-ball set he was holding in his mouth (lovely), while I was dealing with that and avoiding hanging up with Toyota, Brad walks in and says, “Where’s Ty’s basketball uniform, he has photos in 15 minuts.” They were in the wash – WET. Needless to say, we all went to the basketball photos in Brad Prius, while Roc bled and Ty had to wear wet clothes. Oh well.

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