Monday, April 11, 2011

The Upside of Death

Two men under 51 died two days apart. Separate incidents, their wives did not know each other.

I knew the first man, other friends knew the second.

Friends who were consoling me, two days later, I had to console them.

That week I was in a walking coma. This is life. We get one. Breathe. Live. Breathe. Laugh.

It was a sad, dreadful time...but if you think about it....when I look back at that week, I feel so happy and content.

That week my life stopped. I cancelled appointments, cancelled activities and stuff that wasn't as important as sitting with my friends and family. My house was a total mess but my kids had my full attention as we played games, read, talked, hugged, sat and prayed.

In the end...that yucky, horrid week was the most connected I've felt to my husband, kids and friends in a long, long time. See what death does to us if we open our minds?

That was wonderful week. I miss my friend. I'll see him soon. Uh....hopefully not too soon.

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