Monday, April 04, 2011

The Bad Sports Mom

Even though I'm a girl, I like sports. I like my kids to play sports. But not when it's 42 degrees and raining so hard and long kids (shaking from the cold) can't see the ball or other players they keep crashing into.

Sports-lover OUT….loving Mamma IN.

My son had two lacrosse games back to back in sleeting freezing sideways wind and rain. Every inch of his body, clothing, socks and shoes were wet like someone threw him into a river. He was shivering so bad it looked as if he was going through a seizure. Fifteen minutes into the second game….

Coach said, "Suck it up..."

Dad said, "Be a man...."

Mom said, "Get your butt home...."

I won't tell you who one this battle but I will tell you when a woman is involved (let me repeat...when a Mom is in involved) in a battle over whether her child will be put into danger, bodily harm, or sickness, move over. Mom becomes a bear and won't settle down till she gets her way for her child.

My large tween baby came home in tears to my warm hugs and soft heart. Reminding him....all is fair in love and sports....unless he needs a rational supporter, in which case, I will always battle to protect him. (Better do it now, only have a few more years before he'll avoid my embarrassing hugs.)

Yes, they won their game....but five of the boys missed three days of school or more.  Was it worth it?


andy said...

My son is also a Lax Bro, so it sounds to me those five brilliant young men just milked moms over reaction to three days off. Laxers are tough and very smart, but I bet if the refs mom was there the game would have been called off. No hard feelings anyone.

Laurie McDermott -The CEO of the House said...

Haha yes....! The "boys milking moms!" GREAT reference. Thanks Andy.