Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Which Wine Trinket?

What is the point of the colored wine things you put on your glass to make sure you remember which glass is yours?
After ½ glass, I’m lucky if I can see the trinket, yet alone recognize what color it is AND remember what color I had when I started.

I say they make ones that are ‘shocking;’ like a small penis, a hand with the middle finger exposed, or a metal sculpture of two gay pigs.  One look and not only will you remember it that night, you may even remember it for weeks, months, even years to come of that night you drank from a glass that held a small trinket of a big hairy uncut metal toe. 

Then again, I’d have such a good time laughing and looking at all the weird trinkets, I’d probably still forget when disgusting trinket was on my glass.

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