Friday, October 02, 2009


I was stopped at a light enjoying the five minutes of peace without any children.

As I slowly looked to my right, a dark haired man stared back at me from the next car.

The handsome man was waving at me as if I was in a dream and he was the one snapping me out of it.

He smiled.

I smiled.  Did I smile?

He rolled down the window of his very nice car.

I rolled down the window to my old, dirty I'm-a-mom-mini-van.  Were we going to talk?

The beautiful stranger with exotic skin and perfect white teeth spoke, “Are you going left or straight?”

The comic in me fought to hold the first honest words that came to my mind, “I’m going wherever you are.”

Instead I realized my blinker wasn’t on and this man was only concerned about getting around me.

“Oh, I’m straight,” I said before adding quickly, “I mean I’m going straight.”

I laughed as I tried to hide my embarrassment.

The stranger laughed back, “You have a beautiful smile.”

I no longer needed a car.  I floated home.

Me, the happily married 40ish lady driving a mom-mobile with three fully visible car seats, had a young man in a hot car flirting with me. ME. On a day where I'm un-showered, un-makeduped, wearing flip-flops and a maternity bra, not cause I’m pregnant but cause it’s the only bra I have with it's elastic still intact.

Yes ladies, there is a God.  Or a lovely guardian angel reminding me I may be a Mom, but I’m still alive.

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